Mi Daza

Only available in the best pubs in Cork, this stout comes from a recipe dating back to the 1850s – when Cork was home to many a local brewery. The ingredients were given to Benny McCabe by an old brewer in settlement of a rather outrageous bar tab – a secret the brewer himself said he had inherited from his grandfather. Tasting of old Cork, the stout has been resurrected by Cork Heritage Pubs and uses no less than three different types of hops.

Mi Daza has quickly become one of Cork’s finest craft beers, it’s derived from the Irish word ‘deas’ meaning nice or lovely and in certain parts of the city, the weather on a good day can be commented on as being ‘Tis Mi Daza’. A nice meal can also be ‘Mi Daza’. The stout is currently only available in the Cork Heritage Pubs but due to demand, a purpose-built brewery is soon to be constructed in the hope that Cork, once again, becomes a city of fine brewing.

Mi Daza Pils is another Cork brewed option, and we also recommend you visit the Franciscan Well Brewery. The establishment is run by some good people, whose brews are also available in the Cork Heritage Pubs.