Cork is home to many musical talents including those of Mick Flannery, John Spillane and the late great Rory Gallagher but the city also has a bonafide scene today with some serious sounds coming from all directions and genres.

For the best gigs – whether its rock, blues, traditional or DJs – check out the links below to see what is happening in all of our Cork Heritage Pubs.

Crane Lane


Sin É

Mutton Lane


Vicarstown Inn

Arthur Mayne’s

However, be wary of the traditional music sessions thrown together for the tourists that flock to this great city in the summer. If you want to go where the musicians themselves congregate and where music is played for the love of it, start in the much-admired Sin É.

With live trad on Tuesdays, Friday, Saturdays and Sundays, this house has been hosting music sessions since the early 1970s when the doors of many of the city’s pubs were closed to traditional music. If you see anyone famous, just ignore them (that’s the Cork way and the way they prefer it themselves!)

If it’s something a little edger that you’re looking for, there’s no better spot to enjoy rock, ska, indie and alternative than BDSM Cork on North Main Street.