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Welcome to the Cork Heritage Pub Trail

Brimming full of life, character and history, spending time in the best pubs in Cork is the ideal way of enjoying a few days away from home. Corcaigh was born in the guise of a monastic settlement in the 6th Century before developing into a Viking trading port and vibrant merchant city over time.

A haven for anyone that loves to explore, Cork has a rich cultural history with writers, singers and songwriters roaming her streets to this very day. Sown into this lifestyle are the city’s Heritage Pubs – establishments that you need to enjoy and experience if you’re to truly know the region and its people.

Southern Gothic Weekender

Southern Gothic defines the nexus between punk, blues, soul, rock ‘n’ roll, groove and other underground/ independent genres by presenting a mix of music that is very wide ranging yet strangely intuitive from the universal DIY spirit and appreciation for the blues which can be found in all performers. This May bank holiday sees the Southern Gothic Weekender in the Crane Lane Theatre, El Fenix, Sin E, The Mutton Lane & B.D.S.M

The long-established home of Irish traditional music in Cork city, the Irish words ‘Sin é’ literally translate to mean ‘That’s it’, in reference to the funeral parlour located next door.
Having first opened its doors in 1889, the pub has always been an intriguing spot to say the least and has a very devout and widespread following of people - patrons that hail from every different sort of background.
A Cork pub much admired, the Mutton Lane Inn is probably one of the oldest drinking establishments in the city outside of the North/ South Main Street axis.
Situated off St. Patrick’s Street, Mutton Lane is one of many alleyways that lead into the famed English Market and used to be where live sheep were run into the market at one time.
Located on the corner of historic South Main Street and Tuckey Street, the Oval is named for its interior ceiling - a stunning feature of the premises.
The pub was designed by an Edinburgh-based firm of architects for the Beamish and Crawford brewery, which previously operated across the street, and its Sino-Celtic style is reminiscent of Mackintosh.
A city institution and an exceptionally versatile live music venue in Cork, this Old Lady is housed in a former gentlemen’s club that gained serious notoriety in the 1920s!
Our décor is from the 1920s, 30s and 40s and the Crane was built on the premise that if singer-songwriter Tom Waits was a citizen of Cork, then this is what he would have it look like.
The Bodega at St. Peter’s Market is one of Ireland’s most beautiful bars and truly is a sight for any visitor to the city to behold.
An elegant venue for eating, drinking and dancing, it has timeless appeal and is housed in the magnificent building that was once home to the St. Peter’s food market, also known as the 'Irish Market' in Cork.
Old in character with a modern twist, the Vicarstown Inn follows in the great Irish tradition of pub owners naming premises after their own townland.
Cork has plenty of examples including the Avondhu, the Iveaghleary, the Ovens bar, the Berehaven and the Caheragh bar – and the Vicarstown Inn is part of the tradition having been named after an area just north of the city.
The newest addition to the Cork Heritage Pub Trail, Arthur Mayne’s Pharmacy is a 120-year-old chemist turned Wine Bar.
Very little has been done to the ground floor of the building, apart from the installation of a state-of-the-art enomatic wine system that allows customers sample up to 24 different wines without stumping out for an entire glass or bottle.

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